By Phil Lanning

CAMERON MENZIES admits his best performance in the PDC means “nothing” unless he gets a tour card.

The Ayrshire ace KO’d top stars Adrian Lewis and Michael Smith on the way to the quarter-finals of the Austrian Championship at the weekend.

It was the first £5,000 Menzies had won on the Order of Merit in the PDC before finally being beaten by Vincent van der Voort.

However, Menzies has got his focus on grabbing his tour card by winning the Challenge Tour later this month.

He said: “Beating Michael and Adrian were some of the best wins I’ve ever had. I’m absolutely buzzing.

“Michael’s one of the best players in the world at the moment and he didn’t play anywhere near his standards, but I’m happy with that.

“To be honest I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t go further but Vinny was on fire at the weekend and just had too much for me in the quarters.

“But I’ve got to forget about the weekend now. It’s good for confidence and it shows what I can do when I get my head right.

“The big one for me is Wigan at the end of this month. I’m leading the Challenge Tour and if I do enough on the final weekend, I’ll get my tour card at last. The weekend means nothing unless I get that card at last.

“That’s the most important job for me. The Tour Card is massive and could be life changing for me. So I’ve just got to get my head down and work on that.”

Menzies, 30, beat Kevin Munch 6-1 and then Lewis and Smith 6-2 as he roared through the event eventually won by Mensur Suljovic.

But typical of wacky Menzies he revealed on Twitter that he didn’t know he’d won £5k after the PDC had announced what a great weekend it had been for him.

He added: “Winning the money was a bonus, I don’t really think of it to be fair. So it was a nice surprise when I saw the PDC Twitter post and I was tagged in on it.

“It’s good to get a wee bonus of five grand. But I won’t be celebrating just yet until I get that tour card at the end of the month.”